Saturday, 27 February 2021

Woodcraft Folk centres and campsites are preparing to reopen following 12 months of COVID restrictions.


Camping, overnight stays and outdoor adventures are an important part of Woodcraft Folk, our young members often tell us that they are life changing. Do you have fond memories of residentials and camps? 


Throughout the pandemic many of us have given up so much: Events have been cancelled, education disrupted and Woodcraft Folk's programme of residentials have not taken place. Our young members tell us they have missed the opportunities to get away, to socialise, to explore and learn about their environment.


At Woodcraft Folk we know the impact of outdoor education, residential and camping experiences, we know they:

- Support skill development and the learning of essential life skills

- Improve young people's emotional well-being and mental health

- Help young people develop their independence

- Develop resilience and increase confidence levels

- Are fun!


As Woodcraft Folk groups, campsites and centres prepare to fully reopen to children and young people we are asking for financial support to:

- Offer discounts to Woodcraft Folk groups

- Train volunteers in Outdoor First Aid and residential planning

- Set up an equipment fund, removing barriers to participation

- Invest in activities and programme opportunities, helping to increase and widening participation in Woodcraft Folk aims and principles


Join in the campaign by:

- Making a donation

- Join the Biblins Bimble a virtual walk along the Wye Valley Walk

- Take the Lockerbrook Long Hike challenge

- Walk from Sheffiled to Derwent Valley to remember the Mass Trespass movement