Our house is on fire!

Thursday, 27 February 2020

This month saw the first anniversary of school strikes in the UK. As a youth organisation committed to the rights of the child and sustainable development we have been inspired by the school strikers and Greta Thunberg. Our young members recognise that the climate emergency is one of the most important issues of our time and warmly welcomed the Government’s declaration of a climate emergency in May 2019. We eagerly await action.


It has been several months since Greta demanded action from world leaders at the World Economic Forum telling them that ‘their house was on fire!”


Are you acting as if your house is on fire?


Woodcraft Folk are already experiencing more extremes of weather which is impacting on our activities for children and young people. Our residential centres are experiencing highest flood levels in centuries, one of which has flooded twice in less than 4 months. Another on higher ground is seeing an extended snow season and droughts in the summer. Our activities are being carefully risk assessed to manage extremes of weather and we are asking ourselves what more can we do to support safe environmental education and outdoor adventures as our climate changes.


‘Education for social change’ is our strapline and as such we have found funding to increase our climate science education activity. With funding from the National Association for Environmental Education we will be hosting a series of training events for youth workers and teachers. The first of these will take place in Manchester on March 12th, the event is free to anyone interested in supporting young people to develop their climate science knowledge.  The second event will take place on April 8th & 9th, delivered by young climate educators. These events will provide practical activities to support non-scientists to explore climate science and the climate emergency with young people that support their understanding and addresses climate anxiety. https://woodcraft.org.uk/all-change-climate-science-education-project


Our second project, ‘Kids Field’ funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering is an exciting multi-sector approach bringing together engineers, academics and youth workers to train engineers in climate science, public engagement and youth work. The project will then support the team of engineers to share engineering solutions to the climate emergency giving hope to young people. For more information please visit https://woodcraft.org.uk/royal-academy-engineering


If you would like to host a young climate educator or engineer in your setting please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


As an organisation, Woodcraft Folk are calling other youth organisations to join us in taking action to decarbonise and review our offers to children and young people, ensuring they are both sustainable and safe in a changing environment.


Will you join us?  


Contact debs@woodcraft.org.uk