An Open Letter to Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP

Monday, 3 December 2018

Dear Lloyd,

On behalf of General Council and Woodcraft Folk I want to express our support and admiration for the speech you gave in parliament last week. Since you became MP for Brighton Kemptown it’s been a pleasure and delight to see someone who was chair of our organisation and who lives and breathes Woodcraft Folk giving a voice to young people in the commons, and your brave decision to publicly share your HIV positive status only adds to our pride.

In a political landscape increasingly fraught with lies and deceit, hearing you talk with such integrity and honesty about sexual health has been both refreshing and inspiring. Your actions have moved us towards a future where it won’t have to be an act of bravery for someone to share their HIV status. Your status won't define you, and you have let thousands know that it won’t define them either and that they can have and deserve an empowered and fulfilled life.

Thank you for your continued imparting of Woodcraft Folk values to the world,

blue skies, 
Pip Sayers 
(Chair of General Council)