Online Programme Update!

Friday, 17 April 2020

While we are all at home during this strange period, we are doing our best to adapt and keep you and your friends connected and to do some activities together even if we cannot see each other during group nights and camps as we would normally do at this time of the year. 

We are very happy to see that lots of you have joined our online sessions in the past few weeks, and we hope you have enjoyed them!

Thanks to your participation and to the creativity of our leaders and volunteers we have been able to organise virtual campfires, online games, quizzes, craft activities,, discussions about social action and refugees and have seen and heard some wonderful storytelling sessions. 

During the next few weeks, we want to try and involve and engage as many of our young members and volunteers as possible in our activities. This is a new situation for us, and we are aware that we are not always reaching all of you through our communication channels and that many of you didn't have the opportunity to take part in our online virtual programme so far. Please do share this message and information with families from your groups so that they can take part where they can. 

We are trying to adjust so that everyone has the chance to participate in our activities if they wish to. From now on we are planning to:

  • Establish a more regular and standard weekly schedule, so that you know in advance what kinds of activities take place on which day, and at what time. This will be 





Activities for young people on Goto meeting such as social action, games, quizzes, climate crisis, anti racism and facism etc. at 4pm

Challenges from home will be published on the website and social medias for all to take part in and win certificates and badges. 

Virtual storytelling on Facebook live at 4:30pm every week

Activities for young people on Goto meeting such as campfire singing, games, quizzes etc. at 6pm

Occasional programme for young members such as games/campfires and occasionally a space for webinars for volunteers. 

We will let you know about this in the monthly newsletter, on our website, as well as on our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

  • Move some of our activities a bit earlier in the afternoon instead of in the evening, so that they don't clash with your districts' meetings or dinner time

  • We want to also have monthly themes and activities that all can be involved with. This month’s (April) theme will be a Teddy Bears Campfire. We will do some activities around getting our teddies ready for the campfire, making them folk costume etc. and then at the end of the month have a virtual campfire with singing where all can bring their teddy! Next month (May) we hope to have a camping theme and maybe even lead a night of camping that all can take part in remotely with activities and fun!

  • We will be continuing with our Weekly Challenges! This week's challenges include designing and painting a stone to mark the 75th anniversary of Bergen-Belsen concentration camp being liberated, performing a Woodcraft Folk song from your home and constructing an eco brick. You can find more information about Weekly Challenges here

We are looking forward to doing activities and having lots of fun together, even if from our homes and we hope that we can help you feel less lonely during this period. 

We encourage you to fill in this survey to let us know what you think our online programme could include in the future and what our young members want to see. If any volunteers are interested in running some national programme or have any ideas about challenges or online sessions please do get in touch to 

If you haven’t seen already we have started an appeal to help support our adaptation of programme on Just Giving and have created a useful template letter to send to others outside of the organisation to help us! Please find it here.