One Solution:Resolution

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

One Solution: Resolution!

Woodcraft DFs

22nd-26th October 2017. Raywell Park

One Solution: Resolution! Is a five day seminar aimed at 13-15 year olds offering an alternative education equipping young people to recognise and combat violence in their everyday lives; teaching them to think critically and creatively about the world using a diverse range of perspectives.

The aim of One Solution is to expand how people interpret and assess information: providing alternative ways of thinking and learning to those taught in school. Young people will leave the seminar thinking differently and able to apply what they’ve learned in many areas of their lives (and will look good on university applications).

The seminar will run from the 22nd to the 26th of October, with three full days dedicated to a variety of workshops and practical activities on a wide range of subjects including but not limited to: Reconciliation and Justice, Refugees and Migration, Media Representation as well as Practical and Creative forms of activism. Participants will be encouraged to share and develop their ideas and create a poem, prose, artwork or any other form to express what they’ve learned - leaving them with a tangible product they can take back to the local community.

Although One Solution is a Woodcraft Folk (specifically District Fellows) project, we are eager to expand our participant range into other youth movements in order to foster wide reaching discussion and understanding and build connections between young people.

The seminar is scheduled for the 22nd- 26th of October in Raywell Park Lodge (in Humberside). There will be 3 full days of activities and two half days for travel. If you would be interested in sending a delegate or would like more information please contact us at:

Looking forward to hearing from you, The One Solution: Resolution! Team