NUS DEMO 2012 November 21st

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Join Woodcraft on the NUS Demo to fight for the right to education here

The National Union of Students have called a demonstration on Wednesday 21st November to protest against the government's education reforms. It is vital that we as a children and young person's educational movement support this.

Student debt is sky rocketing, bursaries and support like EMA are plummeting, government funding is vanishing and our educational institutions are slowly being handed over to private companies to run them for profit not education. We need to keep up the pressure of the last few years and show them that we will not accept this. We will fight for free, fair and funded education.

More details on the facebook page here


The DF Campaigns Rep, Rosie Booth, has written this about why you should come to the march:


Why I am not a consumer 

As an arts student I am becoming increasingly irritated at the devaluation of my studies. We live in a society which views formal education as a means to an end and not an end in itself. What I mean by this is education has become obsessed with the pursuit of money. In formal education, you are taught to follow rules and not question the ‘facts’, which will eventually lead to you becoming a good worker because one should never question ones boss. Surely questioning authority would lead to the end of economics as we know it and that would be disastrous?

Equally, when pushed by schools to apply for university, you are actively encouraged to study a subject which will result in a high paying job because the most important part of your education is how you will contribute to the market place. You are making a consumer choice of which subject will give you the most for your £9,000. Personally, as a history student I am not likely to develop a piece of technology which will make lots of lovely money which can be taxed, so am I just wasting my time? Mr Gove clearly seems to think so. 


Because state funding to the arts is being severely cut modules in studies of gender and ethnicity are being cut. For me, there is more to education than how much money it can make society. The studies of gender and ethnicity are vitally important if we are to combat sexism and racism. By cutting these subjects you are saying that these issues are not important. With the tuition fee rise to £9,000 making education a privilege, limiting the subjects you can study is making education even more exclusive. We are forced to make a consumer decision to either not go to university, or study the sciences. 


Dear Mr Gove, I am perfectly aware that my studies will not generate you lots of money but I love my subject and when you cut what I can do and devalue the research I take, it makes me very angry. I am not a consumer. I will not pay £9,000. I will march and shout this on November 21st.

Info on how to join woodcraft on the march here