News from Falkirk

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Back at the beginning of the summer term Falkirk Elfins and Pioneers (and some of the adults) spent a lovely sunny evening outside making these mini-zines about their memories of our group. Many thanks to our volunteer, Lynsey, who showed us how to make the zines.

Our group started in October 2015 and we've managed to do a lot since then! Our first ever session was about how Halloween is celebrated around the world. The most popular sessions are always ones with a campfire (and food!) and for our end of term party we're having a camp fire cooking session and a pinata in Callander Wood. Also really popular was our trip to Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh, which was fully funded by a grant from the British Science Association. All of our group now have their I Begin badges, Heritage badge and will soon be receiving the I See & Know badge. After the summer we will be going out on an evening animal watch - my son is desperate to see badgers! We might try our stargazing session again too - maybe this time we'll get a clear sky! 

Some of us are going on summer camp and will hopefully meet some of you there. 

Thank you to all the brilliant volunteers who make our group such a fun and friendly one to be in and to all the children for their fantastic ideas for activities.