New resources - available now!

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

During the new groups project resources were created, feedback was recieved and lots was learnt about how to start and sustain Woodcraft Folk groups. 

To make sure all groups benefit from this learning, we've updated existing resources, and created lots of new guidance.

We've created and updated resources for:

Click on the bullets or scroll down to find out more. 

Don't forget there are also newly updated resources to help you with district and group funding and managing behaviour.

Growing Groups

The growing groups page will direct you to pages on outreach, publicity and volunteer recruitment as well as funding advice and sources of additional support. We've got new editable flyers, tons of activity ideas for playouts, stalls and taster sessions, as well as sample risk assessments, an assembly presentation, equipment checklist and more. 

Growing groups 

New Groups

The new group page has been updated, and will help you find all the resources available. 

Now arranged under headings, the new group FAQs have grown to include a folder of recommended paperwork to download, additional guidance on opening a bank account, sharing out tasks and much more. 

There is a new section of the New Group Journey online training module called Working Together. This brings the online module in line with the new group timeline, checklist and guidance sheets

New group page

New Volunteers

The volunteering pages have been updated. You'll find resources to support you in your role, and lots of reasons why volunteering is brilliant!

If you haven't started volunteering:

If you've just started volunteering:

These resources will also be useful for anyone wanting to recruit new volunteers, as they set out both the benefits of volunteering and what is expected of new volunteers. 

Training Opportunities

The training page has been updated, making our flexible training opportunities clearer. There are new tips on how to run a training event, and links to new online training modules. 

  • Training opportunities
  • Leader training weekend plan - a resource for people considering running the weekend leader training. You'll find session plans, guidance and reports from previous weekends. Also useful if you have attended the training and want to find copies of the handouts. 

All this content is live and ready to use, but we're just waiting for the developers to make the final changes to the navigation. Check back for a new and improved resources landing page, and for smoother navigation within the New Group Journey