New London Region Chair!!

Thursday, 16 March 2017

At the most recent London AGM, I was elected chair of London committee. My name is Jack Walker, I am an elfin leader in Newham Watersmeet District. I'm also a member of General Council.

I was in all age groups with my district. From a woodchip, when I was running around camp and losing all my things to lost property, all the way to a DF where I slept in and lost all my things to lost property. Newham has always been great at encouraging its young members to be involved in decisions and running camps and the district helped me to participate a lot when I was younger.

Youth participation is something Woodcraft is really good at, and its something I hope to encourage more in London. One of the great things about GC at the moment is how young it is, and I hope that we will see more youth participation at a regional level too.

London is a really strong region full of fantastic districts and I want to make sure that we can grow so that even more young people can benefit from the great work our volunteers do. I'll be working with our new Development Officer, Nadine, to make sure that London region is doing everything we can to help support new groups and districts. We sadly had a couple of districts close last year and we want to make sure that doesn't happen again so we will be working on how we can support districts that are struggling too.

Another thing I want London to focus on is working with other regions and sharing some of our success stories. If your region has something you'd like to share, or a project you'd like to work on together, please get in touch at

Finally, I want to extend my thanks to Tom Searle for his time as chair. The length of his service is really amazing and his experience will be invaluable as he continues as a member of London Committee. I look forward to working with him and the rest of London Committee to make London Region bigger and better.

Blue Skies,