New to Folk Supply- Mugs, recycled & non chip

Thursday, 8 November 2018

 New to Folk Supply November 2018.

New Mugs, recycled & non chip

Not only are these mugs made from recycled materials, with their non-chip finish you will be able to reuse them again & again.

Each mug has the Woodcraft Folk Logo & web address and a fun topical slogan;

  • I was a War Toy
  • I was a Welly
  • I was a plastic bag
  • I was washed ashore

So you can spread the word whilst sipping your favourite beverage.

Dishwasher safe and camp friendly!

All this and they cost under £4, don’t forget to take yours to camp!

Colours:Green, Red, White & Blue.


Cost:£3.95 each

Go to for recycled mugs & all your Folk Supply needs.

We always welcome your ideas, suggestions & feedback or if you are interested in getting involved from dispatching orders, running a stall at an event or creating new designs please email