NCS Social Action

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The summer of 2015 saw Woodcraft Folk's NCS programme take 17 teams of young people through the stages of Daring, Discovering, Developing and finally Doing their own Social Action Projects.

The teams developed their own ideas and projects based on what they felt the community needed and could benefit from. The projects were varied and successful, there was anything from Tombola and Tea Rooms to Boxes for the homeless and Open Mic Nights. Examples include:

 One team filled shoe boxes with necessities for the homeless, and handed them out at 'Curry Circle' at the Carlisle Business Centre in Bradford where the homeless come for a curry every Thursday. They raised money to buy the items by bucket rattling and by holding a fundraiser - a market stall where the young people sold items they had made such as cakes, samosas, sweet packages, and origami. The project was a success and the curry circle management invited us to go back in future. 

One Team decided to do a project working with elderly people in the local area. They decided to do a coffee and cake morning. They rang around the local care homes and eventually arranged to hold the coffee morning at St George's community centre in Lupset. They printed off flyers and handed them out in local chemists and GPs on the advice of the charity campaign to end loneliness. Based on the feedback of the elderly people we spoke to before the event we brought foil to wrap up the cakes with as most people were coming to the community centre for a meal on the same day. It wasn't as well attended as we wanted it to be but it was a success given the time we had to organise it. We managed to get donations from Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s and were given £60 from RBS as part of the NCS programme. We ended up with £50 leftover, which we decided to donate to the community centre to continue their work with the elderly. 

Another of the teams decided to bring young people together and create an opportunity for a new DF group in Wakefield by hosting an open mic night in aid of the Bluebell Woods Children’s Hospice in Sheffield as it was close to the heart of one of the team members. They invited a number of artists who came down to play for the evening, and ran a quiz, a raffle and a free buffet which they provided with the money from Barclays. Around 90 guests attended and £496 was raised.


Many of the Teams were inspired by The Real Junk Food Project, who came to work with us on some of the camps to explain what they do, who they are and what they stand for, this led to some wonderful projects like:

One group were inspired by the talk by Adam Smith, cofounder of the Real Junk Food Project, who came to do a talk during the 2nd week of camping. Our main aims were inspired by the growing problem of Food Waste and were to raise money and resources for a new Real Junk Food Project cafe due to open up in Leeds in the coming weeks. We also helped the new cafe get up and running for business, by cleaning and painting the space - soon to be called the Forage Cafe - and opening it up in Leeds city centre. The first step of the process was raising money and resources for the new cafe. We had an 'afternoon tea party' event that we advertised on social media and to family and friends, which was held at Wakefield College. We managed to get baking ingredients donated by Morrison's and tea and coffee by Betty's that we were incredibly grateful for! We put on a brilliant array of lots of baked goods on the day that helped to make approx. £80 to donate to Charlotte at the Forage Cafe, along with lots of leftover non-perishable goods she would be able to use in the cafe! The project ended with a long day in Leeds painting the interior of the new cafe- it was incredible how much we managed to get done in one day!! 

Overall this Year has seen some of the most successful NCS projects we have ever had the pleasure to be a part of, We are all very proud of the young people involved.

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