More grant success!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Azania Pioneers grant

One of Brighthelmstone's Pioneer groups has been successful in obtaining a grant worth over £3700 to develop further its bushcraft and outdoor work.

Paul Bemrose, one of the group leaders explained:

"We applied for the funding and have been accepted. The money will be in the bank next week! The grant will allow our group to train 4 volunteers in bushcraft with Woodcraft School, which runs level 3 accredited training. So all volunteers will have a A level equivalent. But the other aspect of the project is for the Pioneers to make short films to go on the internet about how to build shelters, or light fires, use a Kelly Kettle etc etc. So it will be like cyber peer education, and to make that happen the grant includes the cost of buying a digital video camera and a laptop"