Membership Badge Competition 2019

Friday, 31 August 2018

Its that time of year again!! Membership badge Competition 2019!! 

Earlier this year we launched the competition to find next year’s membership badge design. Last year was a chance for groups to think about social action and this year we want to focus on 'Widening Participation'!!

As you all know Woodcraft Folk have been committed to widening participation in our movement and we'd like our groups to think about the different people that make up their community.Through design we want our children and young people to explore what activities and fun things they do at Woodcraft that would encourage wider participation from their community.

As part of this activity feel free to share the following resources with your group. They will help you explore this subject and create some great badge designs. 

The template for badge designs can be found below this article as an attachment.

We've extended the deadline to the 30th October to give groups more time to include this activity in their programme. Please send all your designs to Folk Office by post or email to

Membership Badge Template1.doc26.5 KB



Just printed this off for our group night. :)  I think the file might need to be updated for this competition?  (the subject is teh same as the 2018 badge, researching location action) ?