Member Meet Up (Scotland, North, Wales & Midlands)

Sunday, 20 September 2020

Members came together today (online) to share their experiences of lock-down and plans for resuming group night activities. Members from Scotland, the Northern and Midlands regions came together and heard about:

  • Nottingham's Zoom meetings
  • Glasgow East End's activities in the local park
  • Leicestershire's Kingfisher group basing activities on the #DreamBigAtHome weekly challenges

As a group we shared plans, COVID-19 restrictions and the impact of localised lockdown. 

To support groups members asked for the following:

  • Safeguarding and new leader training delivered online
  • Key messages, to help promote Woodcraft Folk in consistent ways
  • Groop surgeries
  • Member meet ups for members with particular roles e.g. Safeguarding Leads

Debs shared future plans, including:

  • Social action club activities in Coop Academy Schools
  • Meet an engineer sessions in Coop Academy Schools, supporting engineers to share engineering solutions to the climate emergency
  • Pioneer Camp 1st-7th August
  • Venturer Camp 7th-13th August

Another Member Meet up is planned on Sunday 27th September 11am on Zoom.

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