Mahlangu Venturers join the Together against Trump protest

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

 Mahlangu Venturers from Brighton Central and Hove District join the Trump protest on Friday 13th July 2018

As luck would have it Mahlangu Venturers were booked for a Houses of Parliament visit on Friday 13th July and permission to have educational leave of absence from their schools had been obtained. On learning that this would coincide with the Trump visit, the Venturers swung into action and prepared a banner to take along so that they could take part in the protest as well.

There was a lot of interest  from the public and much discussion took place as it was unusual for a whole group of teenagers to be part of the protest on a school day. The Venturers chose the theme of the banner themselves and were able to explain their reasons when challenged, but mostly people were coming up and filming them and saying 'well done'.


The Houses of Parliament visit was very interesting and they all felt they learnt a lot. 


It was a brilliant day for all.