Tuesday, 14 January 2014

On the 21st December (The Winter Solstice) Mahlangu Venturers and others from Brighton Central and Hove District braved the elements to continue to publicise the visa campaign, by taking part in the Burning the Clocks Parade held every year in Brighton. 

It is a lit parade culminating in a big bonfire of lanterns and a firework show on the beach. Weather conditions meant that the fire and fireworks were cancelled but the parade went ahead with our rocket being the largest lantern in the parade and the message 'There are no Visas in space' being asked about all along the route (see pictures). The message followed much thought about the issue during group sessions, and connected with the general theme this year of 'deep.' We decided to think of deep space rather than the more obvious underwater idea.

We were advised to take our rocket in separate pieces, because of the weather, but in true Woodcraft spirit we reckoned that Venturers could co-operate and manage a structure that was joined, as we wanted to get the message across. As we rounded bends in the road and the wind struck there were lots of shouts of 'down' and 'up' once the danger had passed! Quite how the structure remained together once we reached the seafront was quite amazing. Adults and helpers were hanging on as well in a true spirit of co-operation and we made it to the finish.