Lockerbrook launches participation campaign at Annual Gathering

Thursday, 9 May 2013
150.00 donations are offered to groups, districts and individuals for securing Lockerbrook booking


Over the Annual Gathering weekend Lockerbrook Farm Management Committee members were out in numbers to launch the first stage of Lockerbrook Farm’s participation campaign.

Aimed initially at both primary and secondary schools the campaign seeks to boost the numbers of school children who can benefit from an outdoor education programme at one of our own centres.

Over the course of this year there will be a lot of information going out to schools to encourage them to plan a residential with us over the next few years.

At Annual Gathering the Lockerbrook Management Committee launched the “friends of Lockerbrook” component of the participation campaign. This scheme encourages our members, our friends and supporters to refer teachers and group leaders to us to enable us to provide them with more information to encourage their school or group to book a fully catered outdoor education residential at Lockerbrook.

Our thinking is that our members and activists are both passionate about the great outdoors but also we are part of a wider network of sympathetic activists and teachers. Many members know all about Lockerbrook Farm but others in our networks won’t.  All we have to do is share, utilise our address books and make certain the message goes out. The more schools who come to stay, the more children and young people benefit and the more who learn more about us and how we work.

To thank friends and supporters and to provide a broader benefit to the Woodcraft Folk, Lockerbrook Farm is supporting the initiative (which is funded by the South Yorkshire Outdoor Pursuits Trust) with £150.00 donations to the referring district, group or individual member for every school or group who book a fully catered residential week with outdoor education instruction at Lockerbrook Farm following a referral from you. Districts, groups and individuals can use the donation to support local projects and plans or indeed to fund anything they like.

There is no limit (apart from availability in our calendar!) to the number of donations that can be made if successful bookings are secured as a result of the referral. The only small print is that the donation is only payable for the first booking that the school makes, and only if the booking is for a fully catered residential week with outdoor education instruction provided by Lockerbrook.

All the resources to help districts, groups and members promote the campaign were made available to Annual Gathering delegates and visitors. They are now available to all groups and Districts as well as to individual members.

To help you get going why not download the attached files:

  • The campaign briefing sheet for districts groups and members explaining our thinking
  • The Lockerbrook crib to help you focus your conversations with teachers
  • The referral card – just fill it in and send it to us

For those who prefer we can also post all this information to you - just email us at and give us your postal address and we will send a starter pack straight out to you.

Lockerbrook the friends and supporters campaign explained.pdf104.31 KB
Lockerbrook Farm crib for districts, groups and members.pdf16.42 KB
Lockerbrook referral form.pdf187.6 KB