Lockerbrook Hosts the First Meeting of The Co-operative Young Members Board

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Last month Woodcraft Folk’s outdoor activity centre Lockerbrook Farm hosted the first residential meeting of The Co-operative Young Members Board. The Co-operative recently recruited 15 young people from over 300 applicants to sit on this new board. Its aim is to make sure young people have their say in how The Co-operative is run.

Some Woodcraft Folk trainers attended and facilitated discussions and activities on topics including: consensus, shared values, youth participation in democratic structures as well as various teambuilding activities.

The weekend also included inspiring sessions on the history of the co-operative movement, on developing working methods for the board going forward (as supported by Envision) and some really exciting work reviewing The Co-operative’s current strategic plan ‘The State of the Nation’.

This group of The Co-operative’s members are in an exciting position; by being given the opportunity to think critically about our economy and society, as well as the purpose of the co-operative movement, they have the potential to make a big difference. These 15 hugely motivated, well connected, exceptional members have a big responsibility there, but they are not alone. We in Woodcraft Folk should offer them our support, and cooperate to promote our shared values and co-operative solutions.