Lockerbrook Celebrates 50th

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Hello one and all,

This year Lockerbrook turns 50 years old, a great milestone and a time to celebrate and look forward.


Since 1964, when the then derelict farm was purchased from the Forestry Commission by the Woodcraft Folk. it has provided a base for many thousands of young people and adults, from all over the globe and from all walks of life to enjoy the most amazing experience high up above the 3 famous reservoirs in the High Peak – Ladybower, Derwent and Howden.


As part of our 50th year celebrations we are aiming to raise £50,000  to help us continue to provide the unique experience we offer for another 50 years and would be grateful to have you help and support to help us achieve this target.


The money raised will help us not only to continue the outdoor education work we do but also help us to think how we can develop what we offer to members of The Woodcraft Folk and all our clients. It will enable us to look in more depth at commencing building work to improve what we offer as well as ensuring we can update and renovate were possible. We would love to have your support and to hear your stories about your experience of Lockerbrook, please visit our justgiving site and share your story, any amount of donation is greatly and sincerely appreciated: -

You should have also received a questionnaire about how Lockerbrook can develop to meet Woodcraft Folk members needs and we would appreciate your feedback.

Throughout 2014 we will be holding a series of events to fundraise, engage and celebrate our history as well as promoting future plans and developments.

Just last weekend we provided sustainable pedal-powered smoothies for entrants in the Hathersage Hilly Triathlon and managed to raise almost £100 while informing people about the great work Lockerbrook and by proxy Woodcraft Folk does.

If you would like to run an event in celebratrion of Lockerbrook’s 50th then please don't hesitate to contact me on


Yours co-operatively and in celebratory spirits,

Lockerbrook Management Committee