Lockdown exit strategy

Thursday, 14 May 2020

Like all organisations across the globe, Woodcraft Folk has begun to explore when groups might reopen.



On March 16th Woodcraft Folk groups were closed to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19. Since then Woodcraft Folk groups have delivered remote and virtual programme, launching #DreamBigAtHome.

Following the Government's most recent announcements on easing lockdown restrictions this document is designed to support groups and Districts in the planning future activities.

Proposed timeline to reopening

Woodcraft Folk needs to follow all Government guidance on social distancing and will need to adopt a phased approach to returning to activities that had previously been our norm.

Folk Office will continue to co-ordinate a programme of remote and virtual activities through https://dreambigathome.uk/

In June, as schools begin to return and cultural events are allowed to take place, Woodcraft Folk can deliver outdoor household based activities, such as scavenger hunts, household team challenges, socially distanced den building or trails. It is important that these activities are only targeted at household engagement and not our traditional group activities in which volunteer leaders take responsibility for groups of children or young people.

In July it is thought that campsites may reopen. At this point Biblins, Heightgate and Park Farm will open for household/family camping. Groups and Districts should not camp together this Summer.

In the Autumn term, once schools have opened to all pupils, groups can begin to meet face to face once more. Schools are expected to make a phased return and may experience periods of closure due to local outbreaks of Covid-19 - Woodcraft Folk groups will need to reflect the situation in their local schools.

Groups should not participate in international trips or plan any residential experiences at this time.

Further guidance will be issued in July on PPE, risk assessments, managing individuals with symptoms, quarantine, residentials and camping.

Risk management

Woodcraft Folk’s safeguarding team are currently taking advice and monitoring Government guidance. All groups will be issued with guidance and the tools needed to complete thorough risk assessments before activities can resume.

At this time guidance for educational and youth groups suggests:

  • Only activities targeting vulnerable groups or key worker children should be physically taking place during May and early June

  • Outdoor activities that can be managed in a socially distanced manner are to be encouraged when households begin to interact (expected June/July)

  • PPE is not needed unless you are treating an individual with symptoms of Covid-19

  • Good hygiene is essential in reducing risk

If you have any questions or require any support please contact safeguarding@woodcraft.org.uk