Link your stories together

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


"They started with a map, as all great adventures do: OS1, the Ordnance Survey map for the Dark Peak area. They spread it out on a table to begin with, and read the names..."

So starts one of the stories that have just been posted to the lucky Woodcraft Folk groups who are first in the chain for this year's Hands In! story telling activity. What do you think happens next?

If your group has received one, get everyone together to create the next part of the story and then quickly send it on to the next group on the map. The pack you received has details of the next group and a stamped envelope to put the story in. There are four or five groups in each chain, and we hope to get them all back at Folk Office so we can see where each story ended up! There are five different beginnings and we anticipate some extremely different endings... We'll publish any complete ones on the website.

All Elfin, Pioneer, Venturer and DF groups have also just received two other Hands In! activities: writing a poem inspired by one (or all) of Woodcraft Folk's aims and principles, and choosing your group's favourite game to share with the next group in the chain. All groups have received a map and a stamped envelope so you can easily send on your part of the story or your favourite game instructions to the next group. Send your poems to Folk Office and they might make it into the book of Woodcraft Folk poems we're hoping to create. 

These activities were designed by the TREE Steering Group to connect Woodcraft Folk groups to each other, and help us share what makes Woodcraft Folk special to each of us. We really hope you'll take part in your Woodcraft chain, and enjoy putting into words what Woodcraft Folk means to you. 

Full information on the pack is here.