Link Your Hands For A Fairer World!

Friday, 13 December 2019
Link your hands together, and let us form a mighty throng. Together we stand in solidarity against greed, and lies, and war. We are of one blood, in kinship with every living thing, and should any be weary, we will help them along. 
Political participation does not just happen on election days. Political participation is for all ages at all times. It takes place in our everyday actions, our conscious decisions, the campaigns that we form or support, in reaching out to support family, friends, neighbours and strangers, in our consistent and constant (not random) acts of kindness.
We will continue to learn with children and young people, so that together we may fashion a new world based on compassion, solidarity, equality and justice. We will continue to support young people to raise their voices. And we will continue to stand together and fight facism and xenophobia, racism and sexism and ablism, homophobia and transphobia. 
A fairer world is possible. Together we can make it a reality. But how?
  1. If you're not currently a member, join us. Find you nearest group and join us. If you can't give your time, become a Friend of the Folk and support us to reach more children and young people. 
  2. Learn with your group about the importance of political participation. Help them to understand how government works nationally and locally, but also how else they can shape the world through campaigning, and volunteering, and fundraising, and other everyday actions (Resources linked below).
  3. Learn with your group about the challenges people face in the UK and around the world. Build empathy and take action to tackle racism, sexism, ablism, homophobia and transphobia in your community (Resources linked below).
  4. Share what you are doing. Harness social media. Tell your neighbours what you get up to. Put up posters wherever you can. Invite everyone to join us. Every whisper, every shout, can cut across others messages of hate. You can find our publicity guidance at:
  5. Identify sources of support for those who might need them. Many of these will be grassroots and locally based. National mental health support can be sought from Young Minds, Childline. The Mix and Samaritans.

Resources to explore: