Leader Training: A Participant's Perspective!

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

What was Leader Training at Cudham like?

On Friday 7 September I travelled to Cudham Environmental Activity Centre, which was easy to reach by public transport. The venue and the setting were beautiful. Walking there from the bus stop I saw three deer and two frogs!

Training was very good and varied, great stuff on safe guarding and lovely ideas for games and having a go at writing a plan and risk assessment for an activity.

We slept in bunk beds, all you needed to bring was your towel. Alternatively you could camp. The food was lovely and the children seemed very happy with the activities laid on by kind woodcrafters. By Saturday evening they looked thoroughly re-wilded! There was fire and a guitar and people enjoyed each other’s company in the evening, they were a really nice bunch.

They had resources on a mental health session and ideas for sessions that are maybe less easy to plan. Also a table on how to make the aims and principle of woodcraft relevant to the different age groups.

It was good to hear how other groups do things and come away with new knowledge and what woodcraft is all about (we just joined). The course also explained training, resources, decision making and support structures available to volunteers.

If you have a chance do take the opportunity to go some time!

Is Leader Training for me?

It is for everyone and you will be in a nice setting with friendly people, learning some new stuff!

I am still not sure

It’s free, you could get assistance with travel costs and you can bring the kids….

I need more persuading

Your bed is made, your food is laid on, your children will be entertained and there is a fire in the evening with welcoming people around it!

Did you know of Woodcraft Folk’s heritage exhibition? FREE public viewing until the end of September. The exhibition space is open 7 days a week and up until 9pm enabling Woodcraft Folk groups and other youth groups to visit. It’s at University College London, (UCL) 20 Bedford Way, Bloomsbury, London WC1H 0AL