Last Chance for £500 to run an Action Project!

Friday, 17 January 2014

With the TREE Programme coming to an end in March, this is your group’s last chance to apply for the opportunity to run a £500 youth-led community Action Project. An Action Project needs to meet these four simple criteria:

  • Working with a group/s outside of Woodcraft Folk
  • Led by young people
  • Thought out and planned 
  • Positive impact on your community

Over the 5 years there have been over 60 projects run across the UK, doing a range of activities from community orchards to refugee awareness, so all applications are welcome.

To help groups create and apply for Action Projects, we can visit on one of your group nights and run a session.

More information and past projects can be found here, or email / phone 07803 781797.

The deadline for the current round of applications is Sunday 2nd March 2014. The application form can be downloaded below.

Already been awarded the funding once? Why not do it again but on a bigger scale? Could the original members be mentor support to new ones, or could you do it with another group this time? 

If you were unsuccessful last time, apply again! Contact us and we can help you improve your application this time round.

Please take advantage of this opportunity before it goes!

Application Form Spring 2014.doc137.5 KB