KLH international seminars

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

All Woodcraft Folk members are strongly encouraged to engage in a wide range of international opportunities.

Our sister organisation, Kurt Loewensteine House is a socialist education centre. There aim is democratic socialism, Internationalism, equality, antimilitarism, tolerance, ‘civil society’, gender equality, activism, solidarity and freedom. Therefore, they fight against capitalism, patriarchy and all forms of discrimination. Each year they run a series of seminars and training sessions, see below for more information:

Queer Easter 2019 The red in the rainbow - 20 years of socialist struggle 14.-21.04. This year marks the 20th anniversary of our annual Queer Easter seminar! Queer Easter is one of the biggest LGBTIQ events in Europe, with the programme looking at all aspects of sexuality and gender experience and theory. For this special occasion we will take a look back at what 20 years of fighting for socialism with queer glasses has brought along, as well as reflecting on what is going on right now in the world to be able to look forward in international solidarity on how we can keep fighting to bring a socialist world about. 

Training for trainers Education for social change 05.-11.10. Education is our main tool to put our political ideas into practice in our organisations and to reach out into our societies. In order to do this, educators must be given the tools to facilitate these educational processes and this is what this seminar aims to do. We will explore what skills and motivations you need to become good facilitators, how to structure educational processes and how to implement our political ideas in these processes.

Summerschool 2019 Whose city is the city? Ours! 21.-28.07. This year‘s topic of the summer school will be social city development. Since some years we are facing rising rents/ prices for housing in bigger cities, which leads to displacement processes, often described as gentrification. People with lower incomes are marginalized and pushed aside. We see privatisation processes of public goods such as local transports, electricity and water supplies. What are the impacts of these developments? What happens if public areas such as squares are privatised and controlled by private security services, hanging out in parcs and squares is regulated and unwanted „social behaviours“ and other forms of expressing youth cultures are banned and sometimes even penalized? What is the impact of these phenomena on young people? How do we want cities and public areas to be? How could we achieve a social city development, which meet the interest of the many, not the few? These questions and others will be dealt with during the seminar.


Winterschool 2019/2020 Countering right-wing populism 28.12.2019-04.01.2020 Right-wing movements and parties all over Europe are increasingly gaining power in society and their ideads are already established in many people. We are accomplices of how right-wing radical parties win governmental power and how more and more extremist groups spread their word across Europe. We can read it at a local politics level, but we can also see it in the whole context of the European Union. Is it now more than just a trend, or have those turns to the right come to stay for even longer? Together with other left socialist organisations, we want to develop strategies on how to respond to these drifts. Which is our role as socialist educators in these times of violence and propaganda? How can we organise ourselves and what educational approaches are necessary to encounter the increasing power of right-wing ideas? Our goal is to find answers and build a common and strength network of socialist solidarity across countries. 


For more information about any of the above events or Woodcraft Folk's international work in general please contact debs@woodcraft.org.uk