Kids Got Rights International Kick Off Meeting

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Over the weekend of 9th-11th April a small group of young delegates from Woodcraft Folk took part in the international kick off weekend of the Kids Got Rights project.

The Kids Got Rights project is being facilitated by our good friends from IFM-SEI and collaborating with young people from 7 other youth organisations from Italy, Catalonia, Slovenia, Denmark, Norway, Austria and Germany. The project will see young people from across Europe working together to analyse how children’s rights are met, recognised and respected in each country and then creating together a toolkit of activities, session plans, resources and extra information on how we can make positive change for the future.

The kick off weekend saw young participants getting to know each other through a range of games, presentations and activities as well as a session on co-design methodology (to help with our analysis and research) lead by the University of Barcelona.

The next steps of the project are to get together a group of young members from Woodcraft Folk between the ages of 6-15 to take part in our research and analysis of how children’s rights are recognised and respected in the UK by our government, schools, youth organisations and other institutions. We will research and analyse using techniques and methods suggested by our young members. For example the group have decided that a survey would be a good way to engage as many young people as possible in our research and the group have been discussing ways to help spread the word as far as we can. Do you have ideas of how we could analyse and research how our rights (as young people) are being met in the UK?

Orlagh, our young delegate from Ipswich Pioneers said the weekend was “a good experience” and the group who attended are excited to move the project forward and engage more members of Woodcraft Folk and other young people in the next steps.

If you, your group or a young person you know may be interested in being part of the project please get in touch at or check out to see upcoming online sessions relating to the project. All young people from all background, experiences and circumstances are encouraged to join the project, it is a great chance to meet new people, work with an international dimension and learn more about children’s rights.