Join Woodcraft Folk to fight for A Future That Works on October 20th

Friday, 21 September 2012


The Trade Union’s Congress has called a march on October 20th to fight for A Future That Works and Woodcraft Folk are going to be part of it!

A core message of this march is that austerity isn’t working, especially for young people. We will support children and young people from WCF and beyond to be central to this march, sending a clear message that the future is something we build together, that young people are central to the Trade Union movement, and that the WCF are THE organisation for those who believe in a progressive future. 

The coalition's political agenda of cuts and austerity is severely damaging many young people's futures. Among other things, they've scrapped housing benefits for under 25s, closed youth centres and left schools that were to be rebuilt to crumble. And don’t let’s forget the university fee increase and scrapping of EMA which continue to bring students to the streets.

At the March in March this year there were around 400 woodies involved. That was a fantastic turnout, with parachute games outside Downing St, an activity tent at Hyde Park and a heckuva lot of good singing. We were proud to be part of the anti-cuts movement and to represent children and young people from across the nation. We want to see even more woodies, singing and parachute games this year!


We will be meeting from 10.30 in Embankment Gardens, across the road from Cleopatra's Needle (WC2N).

We will probably be hanging around singing songs and playing games for a while before moving off from there but if you're arriving much later, give us a call to check how far we've got.

We'll post contact number nearer the time, and also send it to district and group contacts.

Watch the website and join our facebook group ( for updates.

Join the March, spread the word, educate your groups and be involved! 


Information on coaches to London here


More information on the march here: