Join Ramblers for the great outdoor debate

Friday, 13 December 2013

Would you like to join the great outdoors debate with the Ramblers?

Woodies are great hikers – we do it with all ages, starting with Woodchips – using public footpaths and open spaces all over the country. The Ramblers need our help to protect the future of the great outdoors. The Ramblers – Britain’s walking charity – has started canvassing views from like-minded organisations to establish what issues are affecting the great outdoors and how we use them.

From the development of green spaces to the effects of climate change and the loss of wildlife and green spaces - to getting people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy the outdoors – we all know that there is a lot at stake and this is where we at Woodcraft Folk can help!

What can you do to help? This is an ideal opportunity for groups of all ages within Woodcraft to have their say and get involved in this discussion. We love a campaign so let’s get involved!!

Group nights are a perfect place for raising this with our members and there is an excellent pack attached, ready to download, that you can use at group nights in the New Year (see below) and then feed into the debate. If you would like more information please follow the link:

Keep an eye out over the coming months, as the Ramblers will be in gear shops, pubs and parks, on hilltops, paths and beaches, talking to everyone who likes to get outdoors.