International Summer School - calling Woodcraft participants

Monday, 20 May 2013

Theme: Anti-Muslim racism, anti-Semitism, anti-ciganism and social exclusion

Date: 30 June – 7 July 2013

Venue: Kurt Löwenstein House, Werftpfuhl, just outside of Berlin, Germany

Age restriction: 16-30 year olds

Cost: 75€ participation fee (accommodation, food, programme), 70% of travel reimbursement available up to 150€

Number of places: 4 places with priority to those who have not attended an international seminar at the Kurt Löwenstein House

Description: International Summer School is one of our annual seminars hosted by our German sister organisation SJD-Die Falken on behalf of IFM-SEI. The seminar is being held in conjunction with YES (Young European Socialists). The week combines workshop sessions, the opportunity to run your own forums and social programme with Creative Working Group sessions. Each Creative Working Groups focuses on a specific topic relating to the theme of the seminar, working in a group of 10-15 for about half of the seminar’s educational programme. International Summer School is a mid-sized seminar, bringing together approximately 60 participants from across Europe and the Middle East.

How to apply: If you wish to participate, contact Carly ( with answers to the questions below. You should wait to be contacted with confirmation of a place before you book your travel.

To apply you must be a member of Woodcraft Folk.

* Name


* District

* Woodcraft membership number

* Email

* Phone number

* Dietary requirements

* Have you been to an International Summer School before?

* Have you been to the Kurt Löwenstein House before?

* What are your motivations for attending International Summer School?

* What is your experience with the theme of the seminar?

* What would you intend to take back to Woodcraft from this seminar?

Deadline for applications: Friday 31 May 2013