International Camp Theme and Board voted on at Folk Assembly

Friday, 14 April 2017

At Folk Assembly on the 23rd to 25th of June, every woodcrafter will get to vote on the theme of Woodcraft's IFM-SEI international camp 2020. At the first open meeting in February we shortlisted down to 3 ideas:

  • International Solidarity and Friendship

  • Climate Change

  • Peace

Come along to Folk Assembly and have your say.

Moreover we will be electing members of the board at the camp, there will be elections for: Programme, Treasurer, KP (Food), Production, International, Comms, Volunteer Support, Youth Participation. 

IC2020 has been making good progress in recent months after attending an IFM Presidium meeting in Palestine, the IFM have agreed to sponsor Woodcraft's International Camp in 2020.