IFM-SEI Congress 2019

Thursday, 4 July 2019

 The International Falcon Movement - Socialist Educational International (IFM-SEI) is Woodcraft Folk’s umbrella movement of like-minded children’s and youth organisations from around the world. Pip, Tom, Debs, Tamsin and Frankie represented Woodcraft Folk at the IFM-SEI Congress in Tbilisi which takes place every three years. A lot happened in two days but some of the main points were: 

  • We updated the governance structure, finding a compromise between the original proposals and the wishes of the delegates so that there is now a smaller Presidium but the group still has regional representation for all 5 world regions. 

  • Thanked Carly Walker-Dawson (who will be back with Woodcraft Folk soon!) for her past three years as Secretary General and half a lifetime dedicated to the movement.

  • Welcomed Ruba Hilal from Independence Youth Union (Palestine) as IFM-SEI’s new Secretary General - the first non-European to hold the post in IFM-SEI’s almost 100 year history. 

  • Re-elected Chrisi Schauer as IFM-SEI President and Heidi Niemi as our European representative on Presidium who will work alongside 4 other Presidium members.

  • Elected Debs to one of three Control Commission places.  

  • Reflected on the past 3 years’ work with projects on everything from tackling right-wing extremism, promoting peace education and dialogue to inclusive sex education and exploring migration, refugees and visa restrictions. 

  • After sharing our own organisations’ experiences and reflecting on the challenges and benefits of the strategic priorities, we adopted a new 3 year Work Plan and Strategy with 6 areas, closely aligned to our own aims: Socialist Education; Child & Youth Participation; Inclusion & Diversity; Climate Change; Children’s Rights; Group Work, Volunteering & Internationalism; and Centenary Celebrations in 2022. So look out for opportunities to get involved with these! Sign up to the mailing list to stay up-to-date. 

  • Welcomed Girls Excel (Cameroon) and Ajyal (Israel) as full members of the worldwide movement.

  • Formally created the Accessibility network and Migration network - in addition to the existing Rainbow network and Feminist networks - which Woodcraft Folk members can and should get involved in!

  • Passed resolutions on ethical and sustainable travel, stopping the bombing of Yemen and prohibiting nuclear weapons

  • And finally we promoted Common Ground, encouraging all member organisations to attend!



If you have any questions about Woodcraft Folk's international work please do not hesitate to contact