Hounslow & Twickenham celebrate Woodcraft's 90th birthday

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

On Sunday, in glorious sunshine, Hounslow & Twickenham District celebrated Woodcraft’s 90th birthday with a lunch for 90 people in the garden of Heatham House Youth Centre, Twickenham.

Parents, leaders and children prepared a delicious lunch of pasta, vegetable sauce, salads and Eton mess, using camp kitchen equipment bought with a generous grant from the Co-op. Five clans of Woodcraft children and adults prepared the lunch, while two others decorated the garden with balloons and Woodcraft flags and two more prepared an afternoon of games and crafts.


Hounslow & Twickenham's guests for the lunch were a group of about 20 young carers, children aged between 6 and 11 who care for a parent or sibling, and their care workers. In the afternoon, all the children took part in crafts, such as tile painting and making dream catchers, and games like Chief Ape and Archway Tag.


To finish the day, everyone sang happy birthday to Woodcraft Folk, shared birthday cakes and the young carers were each given a party bag containing Woodcraft gifts. The care workers said that their children had had a brilliant day and one of the Woodcraft leaders was impressed by how seamlessly the young carers fitted in with the Woodcraft games.

Happy 90th birthday everyone!