A hostel trip to Moffat

Thursday, 9 January 2014


2013 Glasgow Southside Woodies Moffat weekend

This December the Southside Woodies and two families from Stirling went to Moffat. We stayed in a massive house, with lots of stairs and beds, for a whole weekend.

The fun started when we drove up the driveway, it was pitch dark! Half of the garden was a small car park and half of it was mossy and full of bushes waiting to be explored. We had homemade lentil soup and our first fun activity was already started. We were to go outside and collect berries and leaves to make ice lanterns. 

We all got one large cup and a smaller plastic one. We put the smaller cup inside the bigger one and put all our leaves and stuff around it. Then we poured water in to make the leaves float and put stones in to weight the cup down. Then we put them outside to freeze over night. After a circle in the lounge we talked about safety and watched a 2013 slideshow with hot chocolate and went to bed.

One clan woke up to make breakfast and everyone else didn’t have a very fast start. After breakfast we had a circle in the games room, and Jethro, one of our leaders, told us our plan for the day. First on the list was a walk, we figured out some clues the Scotstoun Woodies left us to find a geocache. We found it behind the counter of a shop called Moffat Toffee and inside it was friendship bracelets and Moffat toffee! We continued on our walk, which took us through the woods. As there had a been a storm, lots of the trees had fallen over the path and we had great fun clambering over fallen logs. We even found a den.
Everyone participated on the walk and there was a good mix of ages on the weekend. There was lots of Elfins and a couple of Woodchips. There was 5 Pioneers, two Venturers and lots of adults.

We all came back for a packed lunch. Our ice lanterns didn’t freeze outside so we put them in the freezer. 

Then Jethro did some meetings while the Elfins and the Woodchips did arts and crafts. I don’t know much about what they did because I was with the Pioneers and Rhiannon and David (our leaders) trying to light a small fire to cook dough. 

After a lot of effort in pouring rain and after trying to light it a thousand times, we went inside to bake instead. We all made different shapes. After dinner we ate them. Yum, yum. Then we separated into clans and had a quiz that we had been contributing to throughout the day. It was really fun. The pioneers also sang a song and did a little act about Rosa Parks. Then we had hot chocolate again and the Elfins and Woodchips went to bed but everyone else sang Woodcraft songs.

The next day we did a lot of packing and a lot of games in the hall. Then we all said goodbye.

By Eilidh, aged 10


With thanks to all who helped make the weekend a big success.

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