Here I Am Project

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Here I am is a project set up and run by Angie Ross and Shona Cattan in conjunction with The Choas Venturers

 Group, which is part of the Woodcraft Folk’s Brighthelmstone District and Help for Children in Uganda, which is a charity for disadvantaged children and young people, many of whom are orphans from the Sesse Islands in Lake Victoria Uganda.

The project involves children and young people taking part in a number of creative / arts based workshops which enable them to think about who they are and what it is like to grow up in their respective countries and cultures. The project has used both photography and film to capture the process and outcomes for the individuals. Everyone who has taken part has been interviewed. We are currently having a short documentary film made about the project as a whole.

The project fully embraces The Woodcraft Folk’s motto of spanning the world with friendship by utilising the photographs and films as a way of introducing the two groups of children and young people to each other. We are looking at setting up internet ‘pen friends’ between the two groups. Our long term aim and hope is that we will be able to secure funding to support exchanges between the two groups.

Here I am will be organising an exhibition in May 2015 to showcase the photographs and films from the project. We also

 hope to secure funding to enable us to utilise skype technology so that the children and young people from Uganda can be with us to share their experiences of the project and be part of the exhibition.

All of the workshops will be available on the Woodcraft Folk and the IFM Website for other groups to download and use.
We hope that other Woodcraft Groups will get involved and use the online resources.
If you are interested in taking part in the Here I Am project, then please contact Angie and Shona at:

For more information regarding Help for children in Uganda