Hello From Our New Youth Engagement Officer!

Friday, 30 April 2021

Hello, my name is Eireny. I have recently joined Woodcraft Folk as the youth engagement intern funded by the Jack Petchey Foundation. I currently live in Hayes which is located in West London/Middlesex.


I have worked with young people in a range of roles, the most recent being working as a teaching support within the inclusion team at a local college. I worked within a small team of 6 other colleagues to provide support to students between the ages of 15-19 with behavioral and learning difficulties. This role allowed me to work 1:1 with individuals and build a rapport to help understand how the student learned best with their needs. Many of the students struggled to stay motivated and often felt restricted by their learning difficulties. It was important for me to provide a form of mentorship to motivate them and aid them in finding ways to overcome confidence issues and learning issues. I have also volunteered at my local church as a youth leader and sunday school teacher. Within the sunday school role I taught children between the ages of 5-7. I planned informative as well as interactive lessons about caring for others, making the right choices and being a good friend. I also helped out with activities run on weekends, activities such as crafts and painting. Working with children between these ages allowed me to practice patience and find ways of engaging young people for long periods of time. While attending this church, I also volunteered as a youth leader, helping organise and run weekly activities. These activities consisted of book clubs, camping trips, fundraising events for summer events, cooking, physical games, trips around London and many more. It was fun to volunteer within this role as I had attended this group when I was younger and knew of the impact it has on confidence and friendship building and therefore acknowledge the power that these activities and groups can have on an individual. I have attended many youth activities and summer camps during my younger years and see the importance they have in creating a community. 


I look forward to getting involved in the many projects Woodcraft has such as the Child’s rights campaign, as I am passionate about the importance of educating and encouraging young people to get involved in fighting for their rights and learning about how they can create a fairer world. It is also important that young people are provided with the knowledge and skills to become sustainable, fight for social justice, equality and peace and I am eager to get involved in the work Woodcraft do. Within my previous roles I have enjoyed working with a range of young people from different backgrounds and look forward to meeting the young people Woodcraft work with. I am eager to get involved in a number of campaigns and look forward to getting active and also supporting young people to plan and bring their ideas to life.