Hello! From Our New ESC Volunteer!

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

My name is Barbora, friends usually call me Barbie or Barb. I am a new Woodcraft Folks ESC Comms Volunteer. My responsibility will be to help with all the possible ways of communication and their improvement, so that you know about everything that is going on! I will be helping with communicating with our volunteers, young members and those who are not part of Woodcraft Folk yet.

You will also be able to see me at some of the group meetings and at the camps. I am originally from the Czech Republic where Woodcraft is called Liga lesni moudrosti which means the League of the Forest Wisdom. I think that the name speaks for itself. I have always admired the idea of people cooperating with others, protecting nature, and leading children and adults to be better people. That is why I have joined two big organisations in my country which stick to these ideas - the Brontosaurus and Scout. It has been an honour to become their member, organise some of their activities and lead youth groups. Through the Brontosaurus volunteering, young people have been able to help with the preservation of many of our historically and ecologically important sites. I am proud to be a part of such inspiring groups and look forward to sharing knowledge and experience with new Woodcraft Folk friends.