Grow Wild

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Last spring three Woodcraft groups were asked to pilot a new project run by Kew Garden that aimed to encourage 12 to 25 year olds to transform their local area by sowing native wild seeds. Each group was sent a pack to help them to organise their activities. Here is Kat Budd from Sheffield reporting back on her pilot of the pack with the Venturer group:

“We just did an evening session (7.15-8.30pm) with 17 young people (13-16 year olds) in a community garden space. Originally, it felt a bit difficult to think of a space where we could sow the seeds and we spent a while considering different places. The space we used is an urban wild space already, with quite a high biodiversity anyway.

I also received the packs pretty late, on the 26th April - so it would be nice to receive them well before even the planning stages of where to plant the seeds. For example, our site wanted to know what species mix it was, so we needed the info leaflet from the pack.

They really liked the packs (the way they folded out and looked), the USBs and lip balm, they liked knowing the different flowers that were plants, they thought the session was fun and different.

They got a bit stuck on the chemical tests - they found it a bit fiddly (esp. outside in the rain!) and some jumped the gun a bit and started doing all of the tests the same (because the tubes and everything looks so similar), so then did it all over again which took time. I think I should've practised first too, because I didn't realise you needed to mix a bit in a jam jar, then use that - my fault for not reading it well enough! Some of them really got into the chemical tests and liked finding out about the soil, others said it was a bit like Biology.

Personally, I love the idea. I think the packs look really great, but are pretty over-packaged. Could it be similar but smaller? For two reasons: waste and ease to carry. Could the info sheet be the box? I'm not so sure about putting the tablets into the packs - maybe could they all be in one leader's pack, for the leader to distribute as and when they need the tablets? The colour coding for the test tubes worked a bit, but not all the tablet packets were matching colours (the yellow?).

Overall though, a really fun session. Thank you very much!”

The packs are now open to all and feedback from the Woodcraft Folk groups has been taken into account. If you and your group are interested in being involved then please sign up here:


The deadline is the 10th of March.