Group Celebrates 50 Years of Fun at Lockerbrook

Monday, 7 September 2015

Lockerbrook Management Committee would like to thank the recent visitors who kindly made a very generous donation to Lockerbrook to enable us to continue offering a unique place of profound peacefulness and natural beauty.

The visitors were at Lockerbrook exactly 50 years to the day since they first experienced the centre. Lockerbrook has changed a lot since then when it was a basic barn without running water or heating in which everyone slept in the rafters together. The group also fondly remembered getting the train after finishing work on Saturday to Bamford and walking all the way up from there to Lockerbrook.

This time, the group came with a number of younger people who at first bemoaned the lack of internet but by the end were keen to book their next trip and were thankful for a proper chance to spend quality time with their friends and family on nature’s doorstep.

Lockerbrook Management Committee would like to extend their utmost gratitude for the donation of £5,600 which will allow Woodcraft groups to come and enjoy the stunning and unique Peak District location offered by the centre.

We hope that over the next 50 years Lockerbrook can continue to enrich people’s lives in similar ways by providing access to the great outdoors from a secluded spot surrounded by the beauty of the Peak District.

To book the Lockerbrook centre for your own peak district get away please go to the booking page on our website and fill in the booking form.

We will soon be adding this story to our new Lockerbrook website and would ask for any other stories Woodcraft Folk members would like to share with us and the rest of the movement to be sent to along with any pictures so they can be added to our website over at