Goodbye to TREE

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Woodcraft Folk’s TREE programme has reached the end of its funded period, after 5 years of useful resources, fun activities, diverse training and the active engagement of young leaders. The TREE programme engaged 4,360 young people in a wide range of activities including:

·         Action projects

·         Reporting

·         Right to Refuge campaign

·         Hands In – quilt-making, geo-caching and poetry

·         Young trainers training

·         Mentors

·         Young leader training

For more information read the TREE book

The end of the TREE Big Lottery funding is not the end of youth participation in Woodcraft Folk. The TREE Steering Group has drafted a youth participation policy, which they will share with the wider movement at Annual Gathering in September. The policy calls for all parts of Woodcraft Folk to work towards ensuring that young people’s voices are heard, listened to and that they proactively contribute to programme activities and decision-making.

Woodcraft Folk would like to take this opportunity to formally thank all those volunteers, young and old, who worked together to make the programme a success. Woodcraft Folk would also like to thank all partners and staff (Chloe, Chris, Georgeta, Joe, Matthew, Rebecca, Rose, Tracy and Verity) who dedicated so much time and energy to respond positively to the ideas and suggestions of young people.

For more information about the TREE programme please visit