Glasgow Origins Camp 2015, Coldingham, East Scotland

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

This year all Glasgow Woodcraft Folk groups got together for a fun camping week at a working farm in Coldingham on the East Coast of Scotland. Elfins, Woodchips, Pioneers, Venturers, DFs and other adults put all their effort into making this camp one to remember.
       The theme of the camp was ‘origins’ because we were celebrating the 90th anniversary of Woodcraft Folk. We celebrated this through different traditional Woodcraft Folk activities and songs.

        On the first night the Venturers and DFs took all the younger kids to a forest were we made dens, and one little girl made a fairy house. We all came back to hot chocolate. There was collaboration between the older kids and adults to put up the marquee. It stayed up for a couple of days before nearly wobbling over in the strong winds. All the kids had just come back from collecting wood and were evacuated to the uninhabited end of the field. Part of the marquee had broken and it had to come down.

The day after we arrived we all made totem poles in our clans. We used paint

and all sorts of natural and craft materials. One had antlers, another had snakes and they all had symbols with different meanings to them. They were all VERY colourful and looked great. The food was managed brilliantly by our four KPs. Every night a big fire was made but the Elfins, Woodchips and Pioneers got a chance to make their own mini fires in pans in the forest. We also made a big fire and cooked melting cheesy wraps on it. While kids were fire building others were whittling sticks with IKEA potato peelers, which were surprisingly good, but got blunt really quickly. One night a woman from Glasgow came to teach us songs round the campfire but as well as her teaching us we taught her some of our favourites from the song book.
Everyone had a turn planting trees on the farm. We had to hammer a stake in the ground, dig a hole for the tree to go in then put a tube over the tree to protect it. Everyone had great fun going to the swimming pool mid way through the week, it had a really exiting wave machine and slide.
I think everyone had a really great time at the beach for a day, jumping over the waves and lying in the hot sand. But the scariest part of the week was the midnight lightening storm! The Merry Moot was enjoyable for everyone. We had different acts, from human pyramids to water-drinking 3 year olds! Every clan performed their own party piece. Another evening, people took part in an out door ceilidh. One afternoon the Venturers and DFs made a mud kitchen out of wood for the little kids to play in.

On the last day it was bucketing down so we had to take all the tents down soaking wet. We had our closing circle inside the kitchen tent, crammed into a not circular circle, singing with rain dripping off the tips of our noses. It was a rainy but fun end to a fun and enjoyable camp.

Glasgow Pioneer, aged 12   

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