Give as you Live

Friday, 13 June 2014

Give as you Live is an affiliate scheme that Woodcraft Folk has signed up to. It works in much the same way as a price comparison website - a retailer pays a commission for sending people to their website, except that in this case the commission goes to the charity of the customer’s choice. Over 3,500 retailers have signed up to Give as you Live and they send, on average, 2.5% of the customer’s purchase to the chosen charity [The Guardian, 15 May 2014]. Customers raise, on average, about £25 per year for their charity and it doesn’t cost them a penny. Just think, if a hundred Woodcraft members joined the scheme and each raised £25 per year, that’s £2,500 for the Folk. If 1,000 woodies joined, that’s £25,000!

You don’t have to be a shopaholic to benefit Woodcraft Folk. Indeed, some woodies may be uncomfortable with a ‘consumerist’ approach to fundraising. But I bet the vast majority of us make online purchases, even if it’s just for train tickets to get to Annual Gathering or stationery for our district mailing. I needed to replace my old and broken iron last week. I bought it from the Co-op, earning me Co-op points and Woodcraft Folk a percentage of the purchase price!

The easiest way to get involved is by downloading a plug-in for your web browser. This tracks your purchases eligible for charitable donation and does everything else automatically. You can also download an app for your phone or tablet computer that directs you to those retailers that are part of the scheme. You don’t need to change your shopping habits – you can shop either directly with a retailer or use a search engine to find the best deal.

More information and links to Give as you Live are on our website -