Get involved with the StopDSEI Campaign

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Plans for stopping DSEI are being progressed and the opportunities for Woodcraft to contribute are becoming much clearer.

The weeks of action will be the first two weeks of September. The intention of the first week will be to disrupt the setup of the Arms Fair. During the second week tyrants and bombers from all over the world will be descending on East London for their evil trade.

Some initial ideas we have is for Woodcraft to run activities and welfare facilities for children and families during the first week of September. There will be an activist camp set up close to the Excel Centre and we can base ourselves there. We can also offer welfare support more widely and run our Make Tea Not War station. As the first week in September contains five school/work days, it'd be great to build a rota for availability to make a continuous Woodcraft presence through the week. Transport links are, as you'd expect, very good to the Excel Centre so evening visits are quite achievable. For starters, London Woodcraft groups might want to hold their first meeting of September at the protest. Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th promise to be fabulous times to be at the protest. Please check your diaries and clear spaces, we'll collect commitments over the next couple of months.

The next planning opportunity is on 30th March, 12:30-5:30 St Hilda's Community Centre, 18 Club Row, London E2 7EY, it'd be great to get a bunch of interested Woodies at that event so that we can really begin to firm up plans. Let us know if you'd prefer to meet up before this meeting.

Woodies in the North might want to attend the #StopDSEI skills day 22nd June 11-5, Bridge 5 Mill, Manchester.

Groups who've requested roll-out training will be offered some dates over next two weeks. Don't forget we will be offering stopDSEI direct action training at Annual Gathering at Biblins.

Blue Skies

If you know of anybody who would like to be involved and receive updates from Woodcraft StopDSEI please ask them to contact us at this address and we will add them to our mailing list:

For more details about the Arms Fair visit