Get Excited For Common Ground!

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Common Ground is getting closer!! Which means it is time to start finding out about what will be happening at the camp! This might be your first international camp in the UK with Woodcraft Folk or you may have been looking forward to this since CoCamp! The Common Ground board would like everyone to share our excitement and find out more about what to expect at the camp. Our camp is going to be split up into villages (where we will all sleep/eat with our districts, friends and international delegations) and Commons which will be central spaces for all to enjoy.

Every centre has something for everyone to enjoy. Join the Conflict and Peace centre to explore the concepts of conflict and peace and looking at how they can have different meanings depending on individuals and communities’ political, social, economic and geographical realities or head on over to The Hive (Cooperation Centre) to find out about and start to build your own cooperative!

If you want to learn new skills and use your hands the Hands On centre is the space for you - Workshops will include metalwork, bushcraft, science, making and wild cooking. A chance to connect with the world around you, and learn how to work with the natural environment rather than exploiting it. In the Feminism centre there will be a chance to take part in workshops around ‘thinking beyond blue and pink’ and find your inner energy with yoga. All ages will have activities provided at the centres, there’s also an under 10s centre for everyone under 10 to have their own space that is led by their own ideas!



Find out more about all the centres here: All our centre volunteers and programme team are busy planning amazing and engaging activities for all to take part in!   


Common Ground is going to be a time for all to learn new skills and share existing knowledge and strengths with others. If you would like to find out more about how you can be involved with programme, health service, evening programme or have skills in AV or technical support please let us know here if you are interested. As the camp approaches, we will also be looking for stewards, interpreters, drivers and performing artists, to name a few!

Booking is very much open for Common Ground and all are encouraged to book in using the website. If you have any questions head on over to our FAQs page or get in touch to