Get behind team Woodcraft! Cheerers needed.

Friday, 9 March 2018

 Get behind team Woodcraft!


Brighton Marathon 2018 is taking place on Sunday 15th April and we have an amazing team of runners taking part to raise much needed funds for the Folk, their groups & the Biblins Camp site. While we have been moaning about the beast from the east our dedicated team were out training in preparation.

Please show them a lot of love, support and encouragement, by sending them a face book message, or if you can help by sponsoring them even £1 it would be greatly appreciated, every penny counts they all add up!

Come on the day to cheer them on with friends & family. It’s a fantastically positive day out, with a great atmosphere, with so many people running with passion for amazing causes some in fancy dress along with the sites of Brighton what’s not to love?

We will have a well signed cheer point on the traffic island opposite the Brighton Metropole Hotel, Kings Road, just a 15 minute walk from Brighton train station, in view of the i360. A great spot seeing runners twice at mile 14 and mile 25 when your encouragement will really be needed. It would be great to have a strong Woodcraft presence. So come along in your costume, t-shirt, shirts, woody hoody and sing and cheer for the folk. Bring water, grapes & jelly babies for runners (and yourselves!), whistles, rattles and your loudest voices. Wrap up warm, prepare for rain or sun, bring snacks & drinks, bring cameras take photos and remember to send us any good ones of our runners! We will be there between 9am-4pm.

Thank you to Brighton based charity Amaze for securing our cheer point and we will be sharing our spot with.

Our runners are;

Rich Pratt (Greater Farnham Woodcraft Folk)

Sean Norris (Watford)

Angus Forbes (Newham Watersmeet)

Neil Larkin (Newham Watersmeet)

Debs McCahon (Bblins Camp site)


If you would like to sponsor them you can find their fundraising pages at;

Other ways you could help.

  1. Offer a bed for the night before for one of our runners or a garen to pitch a tent (if you live in the Brighton area)
  2. Arrive early to help grab a cheer point for Woodcraft and set up and collect goody bags for runners.
  3. Come and take photos of our runners and cheer point
  4. Stay or arrive later to help pack down.
  5. Bring some water, grapes of jelly babies in easy to grab tubs to give our runners a boost on route.

If you can help on the day please contact me at

In friendship

Sarah, Debs, Rich, Sean, Angus & Neil