Folk Assembly 2017 – A Scottish Adventure

Friday, 30 June 2017

A minibus full of Scottish Woodcraft Folk headed to our UK wide gathering, Folk Assembly, to share skills, experiences and help decide the future direction of our movement.  Eight of the delegation were aged between 10-15 and many had never taken part in a national event. 

Our young people engaged in a variety of activities, including a strategic wide game, looking at the plan for the Folk as we head towards our 100th birthday.

As well as influencing the future of the Folk they were able to work with other Woodies and partner organisations on furthering their own learning and understanding within Woodcraft Folk aims and principles.

They worked with our DF’s (16-20 year olds) to develop a peace seminar for a future event.  Taking part in workshops aimed at preventing sexual violence and campaigning against the arms trade they felt empowered to take a more active role in the difficult issues facing society.  Hearing the story of a veteran of the Kindertransport allowed them to see what a difference positive community action can make to the lives of others.

And all of that in one weekend! 

Asked to sum up their adventure in one word their responses were:

'Amazing'                    'Unifying'                    'Inspiring'                    'Wonderful'

'Fantastic'                   'Fun'                             'Hopeful'


'Thought-provoking' (needs the hyphen to count as one word!)