First Twinned Action Project

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Last month saw the rewarding of the first twinned Action Project, giving them £1000 pounds to raise the profile of outdoor education and Woodcraft.

After an idea discussed at South East Regional meeting by Paul Bemrose and Lee Sprake, Pioneers from Brighthelmstone and Portsmouth at summer camps sat down to decide what they wanted to do in their area for an Action Project. In the end the groups wanted to promote the benefits of outdoor education to local young people, while promoting Woodcraft at the same time. Using the group’s leader contact in a local youth club the groups were able to link up with a youth club in Woodingdean as their community partner (needed for all Action Projects).

The plan in the new year is for a group of 20 Pioneers from the groups to meet their peers from the youth club and teach them how to cook on a wood burning stove.   This will teach the young people key life skill such as fire safety and food preparation. They hope this will form the base of a new relationship with the youth club leading to camping trips and possibly more groups becoming involved.

Want £500 to run your own Action Project?

All you need to apply for an Action Project is:

  •  A idea from your group that will have a positive impact
  •  A community partner
  •  A simple plan and budget
  •  A Action Project application form (download below)
  •  A pen

Once an application is submitted a panel of young people will review the applications and reward the £500 to those groups they feel meet the criteria. The deadline is Sunday 2nd of December, and we will aim to contact groups with the outcome in the following two weeks. 

If you’d like some activities to help develop ideas and plans as a group, download our free resources pack or group night activities.

For more information or any questions visit:

Or contact Joe Wyatt or 020 7703 4459

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