Exeter District Celebrates.......

Friday, 9 December 2016

Past and present members of Exeter District were delighted to come together at a Ceilidh for a joint celebration -

 Woodcraft Folks 90 years and a surprise Acknowledgement of their oldest serving member of 96 years - Riki

 Forrest. It was time to say an enormous THANK YOU to the present Elfin leader of Clystside Elfins, previously a Pioneer leader, who continues to take part regularly in, and lead some group nights. Her 65 years of service has shown momentous dedication and caring leadership which has inspired many members both old and young.

The evening was introduced by David Mezzetti who highlighted Woodcraft Folks achievements over it's 90 years. Besides enjoying a supper and dancing the night away to the wonderful Devon band 'Pigs might fly' everyone enjoyed the singing dedicated to Riki by Clystside Elfins lead by Laura Hallsworth (an ex leader). Devon Venturers also sang with accompaniment by 3 DF's.

Ghee Bowman gave a warm tribute to this popular member, and the leaders of Clystside Elfins read the words to 'The Children of Woodcraft' song. A hilarious impromptu rendition of Wicky Wacky Woo was given by old friends /members, several who had travelled many miles. Di Greenland read out a letter to Riki from General Council. Finally a bouquet of flowers and the book 'History of Woodcraft' were presented. Riki gave a speech and was moved & hugely grateful.