Exciting Opportunity for Pioneers around Children's Rights

Monday, 8 March 2021

There's a really exciting upcoming opportunity for Pioneers!! 

We are excited to have a session on 1st April at 6pm with Louise King from Children’s Rights Alliance England for an engaging and fun session where together we will explore all things children’s rights. Participants will be reminded of (or introduced to) the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child and discuss and examine what they mean to us. The session will include an interactive discussion about what children’s rights mean and how young people can make their voices heard in making our future rights better and more fair. Participants and volunteers who attend will also be able to find out all about Woodcraft Folk’s new project Kids Got Rights which will see a toolkit for children’s rights education being produced over the next year. Visit DreamBigAtHome for joining details and more information.

Soon we will joining with our friends at IFM-SEI to begin to deliver the project ‘Kids Got Rights’ which will see young people of Pioneer age networking with their counterparts in other countries to develop a toolkit all about Children’s Right. The project is hopeful to include residential trips abroad for some participants as well as online meetings, workshops, training and collaboration within Woodcraft Folk in the UK. The project will see a group of young people develop a toolkit and plan two workshops around children’s rights, one aimed at adults and one at young people over the next year. 

It would be great to see lots of Pioneers at the session on 1st April and volunteers working with groups are welcome too. The rights of the child are a very important part of Woodcraft Folk’s aims and principles and so would be a good introduction for further activities around the topic. If your Pioneer/ Pioneer group could be interested in being part of the Kids Got Rights project or you have any further questions please get in touch to lauren@woodcraft.org.uk for more information and be sure to come along on 1st April.