Exciting DF news and opportunities

Monday, 18 September 2017

Two Exciting pieces of DF news

1) In 2020, Woodcraft is hosting a huge international IFM - SEI camp with people from all over the world! It is organised by a board of people including one DF rep. DFs will be electing someone new each year to fulfil this role. Want it to be you this year (starting October)? Email chair@spanthatworld.com or message Lily McTaggart on Facebook. Elections will be held at Old/New.

2) OLD/NEW! This is the imaginatively named handover between old and new committee members. This year’s Old/New will be taking place in the 1st week of October. Although it is for committee members only, we want the event to be as transparent as possible and for all DF members to have a say in what we discuss. The agenda can be found here and if there is something you’d like to be added please email chair@spanthatworld.com or message Lily McTaggart on facebook.