European Solidarity Corps

Friday, 14 February 2020

 Spanning the World with Friendship


Woodcraft Folk has been dedicated to the cause of internationalism throughout our 95 year existence. Our groups work to promote a global outlook, and welcome young people and their families from across the world. New Erasmus+ funding will enable to welcome 4 European Solidarity Corps volunteers. The ESC volunteers will take place in full-time placements supporting:


  • Common Ground
  • Communications activity
  • Educational work at Biblins


Our first ESC volunteer will start on March 1st, based at Folk Office and supporting the Common Ground team and Lewisham & Greenwich District. Tommaso is an Italian living in Brussels with a breadth of experience working with refugee families.


We are currently actively recruiting volunteers for Biblins, who we hope will be able to bring their placement on April 1st. The Biblins volunteers will support the development of educational activities on site and facilitate activities with visiting groups.


Members can help in the following ways:


  1. Identify suitable accommodation in London for the Communications volunteer due to start at Easter
  2. Volunteer to be a mentor, introducing the volunteers to UK life and Woodcraft Folk


If you are inspired and want to find out more about ESC opportunities please visit


Woodcraft Folk is registered as both a sending and hosting organisation and have supported many young members to undertake places from 3-12 months across Europe and the wider world.


For more information about international work please contact

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